A fascinating fact about your hands…about a quarter of the part of our brain which controls all movement in our body is devoted to the muscles of the hands.   This means when you exercise your hands in different ways it helps develop your brain which in turn helps your hands do even more amazing things.

Shadow Puppets - Exercise your hand - fine MotorLooking for something to do with your hands?

  • Have you ever made pictures with your hands?
  • Shine a lamp or a torch at the wall and use your hands to make shadow pictures.
  • Hand a finger rhymes, e.g. Incy Wincy, Open Shut Them,  and Galumph.
  • Paint your hand with water colour paint and press it onto paper to make a picture. You could give it to your dad or pop to keep and remind her of when you were a little kid.
  • Draw round your hand on coloured paper then cut out and make a picture, use the shapes for leaves on a tree or lots of other things.