Incidents Management

Incidents Management at ANDFT

  1. Once we hear about an incident, we always try to find out what impact it had on people involved and what caused it to happen to stop it from happening again.
  2. If you are affected by an incident, we will speak with you soon after, during and at the end of the investigation to get your views about your experience and your concerns.
  3. We will find an independent person to support you if you wish or you can choose someone.
  4. We keep your information about you private.
  5. We will establish what caused the incident and learn from mistakes we have made to improve our service.
  6. We will let you know what happens to make improvements at the end of the investigation.
  7. Reporting: In the case of Critical Incident reporting that is Madated around Child Abuse and Serious Incidents with people living with Disabilities; sometimes where an incident occurs for your safety we may not inform you that we have made a report, please see our policy or Critical incident definitions below.

Our Incidents management Policy Can be found Here

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Critical Incident reporting and Management 

Critical incidents are those incidences that:

  1. There is an incident of injury or risk of injury
    1. Are incidental to treatment
      1. Are where a member of Adelaide Night and Day Family Therapy or a client have been hurt or injured in any way
      2. Where an accusation, complaint or rumour is made which may cause injury 
      3. May affect insurance policies including Workcover, 
    2. Where there is injury or may be risk of injury to a client/clients as a result of legitimate therapeutic intervention  
      1. Gap in procedure that may lead to harm
      2. Injury has occurred within therapeutic session
      3. Injury may occur as a result of therapeutic program that is exercised without the direct supervision of a therapist (i.e. Homework)
  2. Where the first aid kit has been accessed
  3. Report to CARL (Child abuse report line)  for Child Abuse (under the legislation we cannot compel staff to make any notes within Adelaide Night and Day Family Documentation, but we would strongly recommend that you do so, and if you do not to keep your own private notes
  4. Report to the NDIS Commission for Critical Incidents for NDIS Participants
    1. Where there is a use of a regulated restrictive practice
    2. where there is reporting mandated by NDIS
      1. please see guidelines:
  1. Acts, omissions, events or circumstances that occur in connection with providing NDIS supports or services to a person with disability and have, or could have, caused harm to the person with disability
  2. Acts by a person with disability that occur in connection with providing NDIS supports or services to the person with disability and which have caused serious harm, or a risk of serious harm, to another person
  3. Reportable incidents that have or are alleged to have occurred in connection with providing NDIS supports or services to a person with disability.
  4. More specifically in the following conditions

Registered providers must report to the NDIS Commission serious incidents (including allegations) arising in the context of NDIS supports or services, including:

  • the death of an NDIS participant
  • serious injury of an NDIS participant
  • abuse or neglect of an NDIS participant
  • unlawful sexual or physical contact with, or assault of, an NDIS participant
  • sexual misconduct committed against, or in the presence of, an NDIS participant, including grooming of the NDIS participant for sexual activity
  • the unauthorised use of a restrictive practice in relation to an NDIS participant.