Often Co-parenting after separation and divorce has its ups and downs. Communication can be strained, especially if the your journey apart was not a pleasant process. This will affect your child, but more so, and although I made the title altruistic, I note that this may also make your lfe easier as well.

With the average age of children leaving home for the first time is hitting 30, there can be a long time needing to work together with your ex-partner, not to mention those critical poits of family events like milestone birthdays, the birth of children, weddings, dedication and religious rites, and all the events that our kids may want both parents to be at and to enjoy the celebration. One of the most admirable things about many of my clients is that although there was a reason why they separated, and they may still be carrying hurts and scars related to that breakdown. They often ask for ways to work together so that their life, their new families lives and the lives of their children can be as harmonious and productive as it possibly can.

Working together can give a bredth and richness of experience and care for your children that may never have been achieved if you had stayed together. But of course there is loss, hurt and often fracture that may remain affecting the relationship with our co-parent, not to mention some of the difficulties that new (step-)parents may stuggle with.

Communication can often be a sore point – especially around care arrangements, or residency, activities, medical and counselling appointement, learning and developmental difficulties, not to mention who is buying the new soccer boots.

These issues have been there since time immemorial, and thank goodness there are a large number of apps that can put your parenting plans into action and hopefully clear up some of the difficulties that come when that parenting plan failed to take into account Mother’s or Father’s day or family traditions, etc.


Many of these apps have calendars, communication tools and tools for sharing photo’s, activities, and expenses, that save communicating via social media or other public platforms.

Rather than me posting all the Apps that are out there, I thought I would post a couple of revies with lists of apps that I found helpful. In using these revies I know way endorse the websites, the services offered or any views or alliances expressed by the websites, I just found these lists handy. I also helitate to add I also am not endorsing the same for any of the Apps.

Best co-parenting apps 2020 by Beanstalk Mums

Eight Coparenting Apps -by Babyology

At some point soon, I’ll do a survey fo my clients and find out wich ones they find useful, and I’ll spend some time using these apps working with my wife and partner in seeing how these work without separation, as there are often conflics that come despite not being separated.

If you are struggling with issues in your relationships within your families, or with co-parenting woth or without separation, please give us a call on 8351 6664 and make an appointment to come see me or one of our other therapists

cheers Brett Williams,

Family Therapist