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All our practitioners try very hard to ensure that your experience at Adelaide Night and Day Family Therapy is  one which fulfils your therapeutic needs.

There may be times when you believe you have not had the quality of service that you desire or need.


You have a right to complain. You have a right to compliment.


Our process for complaints is defined below:

Step 1. Approach your Practitioner

The client/complainant may approach the team member against whom the complaint is levelled and air the issue with them. It is important that the team member listen and respond to the client and take notes as to the issue. If the team member believes this is a serious issue, then the issue must be raised with the practice manager. A third party may be present at the request of either complainant or team member.


Step 2. Approach the Practice Manager

If there is discomfort in being able to take step 1 or if step one does not solve the issue to the satisfaction of the complainant, then the complainant may ask to speak to another member of the practice, preferably the practice manager, and seek to resolve the issue. At this stage notes must be taken and the practice manager must be informed as soon as possible after the complaint is made. 


Step 3. Approach One of the Directors

If the issue is still not resolved, or if the client wishes to remain anonymous to the  team member against whom the complaint is levelled, then the client may approach one of the directors.


Step 4. approach a Third Party

If this still is not resolved in the eyes of the complainant, then the complainant or the practice may approach either an independent mediator, the team member’s professional association, the team member’s registration board or other relevant association for assistance in resolving this matter. Details may be requested at the reception desk or from any member of Adelaide Night and Day Family Therapy.


For complainants receiving funding through a specific government program it is important to contact the relevant department directly

Links to Funding Body Processes:

                 for FaHCSIA (Department of Social Services)

                 for NDIS

                 for Medicare




 Link to our Full Complaints Policy

Link to our Complaints Form

  • Methods of Complaint can be either
    • in person
    • by email
    • by letter
    • over the phone
    • or any other mutually agreed method

Compliments may be made using the same process as above



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