Welcome to Adelaide Night and Day Family Therapy

Our Aim is to assist you, your family and your children to achieve the best out of life through our services of Occupational Therapy, Counselling and Mediation.

Occupational Therapy

Adelaide Night and Day Family Therapy is here to help you, your family, group or school with:



Family Therapy

Family Therapy essentially looks at the way that individuals, couples and families work together with their environment, looking for a solution to the everyday problems we might encounter.

Adelaide Night and Day Family Therapy helps individuals, couples and families deal with issues relating to:

  • Marriage and Relationships
  • Family and Children
  • Teenagers
  • Suicide, Death and Grief
  • Development through the lifespan (infants, children, youth and adults)
  • Executive and employees coaching, consulting and counselling services




With mediation we look to finding agreement, where there is only discord and disharmony.

Mediation is a practical way of finding a way forward especially where there is:

  • separation
  • divorce
  • difficulty with other members of the family
  • neighbours
  • workplaces