Adult Disability Services

Adult Disability Services

Adelaide Night & Day Therapy is able to provide occupational therapy (OT) home and clinic based services to clients in the adult disability sector. Everyone has different goals and it is important to work with you to build a sustainable OT plan to help you achieve your goals.

What are your goals?

One of your goals may be to live more independently.  We will work closely with you to assess any current difficulties with ADLs and develop a skills development program to facilitate how the task may be completed.  For others, it might be learning to catch a bus, meeting a group of friends for a coffee or cooking a meal.

An OT will look at all of your goals and work through a plan that can include family, friends or formal supports.

What will the OT do?

Occupational Therapists conduct a range of assessments to assess and review how a client is managing their daily living tasks as well as the needs and suitability of aids and equipment.

OT Assessments may include:

  • Wheelchair and mobility assessments
  • Bed and seating assessments
  • Personal care such as showering, dressing and grooming
  • Meal preparation
  • Sensory assessment

Working out Strategies that best suit you

The OT will then assist the client learn strategies to lessen any difficulties they are experiencing and allow them to be more independent.  This may include:

·       Motor skills development  –  strategies to enhance a client’s gross and fine motor skills such as balance, strength, coordination, and endurance.

·       Environmental modifications  – Looking at what factors can be changed in a home or environment to make day-to-day life easier and providing recommendations regarding any appropriate modifications.

·       Equipment prescription   – Prescribing necessary equipment including wheelchairs (manual/electric), shower chairs, commodes, pressure relief devices, specialist beds, and mealtime equipment.

·       Sensory assessment and therapy – Some people may find it hard to understand or respond to sensory information such as loud noises, bright lights, certain textures, or tastes.    A sensory assessment is when the OT undertakes an assessment of  how a person interprets and responds to different sensory information. We then provide potential solutions to help them manage these differences, so they can feel calm and settled in their environment.


Adult Disability OT referrals are accepted from:

  • General Practice
  • Self-funded patients
  • Medical Specialists

Funding for Adult Disability OT services is available from:


Ben Adcock - Aded Care Occupational Therapist


Ben Adcock is our Senior Adults Occupational Therapist and has many years of experience in caring for and servicing those clients in the aged care sector