In the wake of COVID-19 restrictions, we can now offer and expanding range of online telehealth therapy sessions in which you use a video call or phone call to hold your appointment with our therapist. See the video interview with Brett Williams at the bottom of this page.

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As the government makes further changes to the rules and guidelines, we will update this page but at the time of writing, therapy sessions with Brett Williams are now available online if you are self isolating due to Corona Virus situation. Read our updated Client and Staff Attendance Policy.

Please contact the practice on 8351 6664 if you have any queries.

More details about our response to COVID-19 to keep you safe

We are keeping abreast of the COVID-19 Situation, and are keeping in place social distancing measures.

We appreciate your patience with this. And note that we are:

  • Cleaning down consulting rooms between each consult, and other cleansing and infection control practices
  • Requesting all clients wash their hands for 20 seconds upon entering the building
  • Request that all clients only turn up at the time of their appointment, to allow social distancing
  • Seriously consider using our Tele-consult service for this session by either phone or Video Consult (for video you just need a computer with a reasonable internet connection, or a phone with data) because this will assist us with keeping appropriate distances between clients and allow us to practice better social distancing with our more vulnerable clients when visiting the occupational therapists

Who qualifies for online telehealth therapy sessions?

We are currently using Coviu which is a clinical grade videoconferencing software, and requires you to just click on a link to take you to your web browser.

We request also that if you fall into the following category, that you do not attend the clinic but advise us of your status as soon as practical, and sessions will need to be held by a tele-consult, also referred to as telehealth, or online session.

The 3 questions to answer as per SA Health’s requirements are:

1. Have you or anyone in the household been placed under home quarantine for coronavirus?

2. Have you or anyone in the household returned from overseas in the last 14 days?

3. Do you or anyone in your household have flu-like symptoms or a fever?

If “yes” to any of the above questions, please call us to discuss or to reschedule your appointment, and please also ensure that you self-isolate for 2 weeks.

These are the teleconference criteria for vulnerable peoples need to meet.

  • They have been diagnosed with COVID-19 virus (who is not a patient of a hospital)
  • Has returned from overseas after 15th March
  • Has been in close contact with someone who has COVID-19
  • Has been tested for COVID-19 and is awaiting results
  • Under 12 months of age
  • Is immune compromised
  • Is under treatment for a chronic health condition for example, diagnosed asthma is a chronic health condition, ADHD is also a chronic condition but might not be relevant. It is at the practitioner’s discretion as to whether they would like to bill this item. If unsure, ask us.

Brett Williams interview about Telehealth