“No one told me it would be like this”

“I wasn’t trained for this”


“We have different ideas on how to raise the children”

“I’m not going to change nappies”

“They give you so much”

“Your life will never be the same”

This last comment can be so true, as can all the others. And people can approach this change as something positive and negative. For those who are able to take this path, it usually consumes a large part of our resources, in thought, time, property, finances and relationships. The way we parent affects not only our child and their present and  future, but also all the things and people they touch throughout their life. The whole world is effected by our child. The fascinating thing is that most of us are not trained in parenting. It is not touched on in our schooling.

All our therapists have many years of working with families and parenting issues. They all have experience in many settings; school, home, work and other environments.

We can assist in most areas of parenting including:

Behaviour management

Dealing with school issues

Creating a balanced family where one child requires more resources than the others

Fatherhood and Motherhood

Different parenting styles in the same family

Single parent families

Same sex parents

Environmentally friendly parenting

Parenting after separation and divorce

Dealing with the death of a child


There are so many differences from one family to another. From a parenting perspective there are all kinds of permutations of people who are the primary carer or carers of:

Opposite sex couple

Single mum or dad

Same sex couple

Non related carer or stepparent, stepfamily or foster parent or foster family

Separated single mum and single dad

Co-joined families

Other complex families

These families may have:

Dependent or non dependant children

Other family members in the same house or nearby

No family support from anywhere

All these different families have their joys and their problems. We can help you in dealing with the problems and celebrating the joys.