Sensory Processing

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All of us are different. Our sensory systems allow us to interact with ourselves and our world.  A better understanding of our unique sensory profile can assist in showing you why you or your child may react to some things in different ways. These differences may result in both benefits and difficulties.

We can design sensory programs and other strategies that help you reduce or increase sensory inputs and educate families to understand how sensory preferences can effect relationships, attachment and sustained performance in activities.

Sensory Assessment

Our Occupational Therapist (OT) has over 15 years of experience in looking at the sensory system issues and uses the following tools amongst others:

Southern Californian Sensory Integration Certified.

Advanced training in use of Sensory Profiles- infant, child, adolescent.

Sensory Issues

We often hear of the five senses but in fact a human being has seven sensory systems:  taste, smell, vision, hearing, movement, body awareness and touch. We look at all of these and the impact on your life and lifestyle
Under and over sensitivities
Arousal/alertness levels
Impact of sensitivities on emotional regulation

Common Sensory Difficulties

Our practitioners look at you or your child in a holistic way and can assist you in finding solutions for many of the common difficulties faced such as:

Food aversions

Tactile defensiveness

Hypersensitivity to noises

Gravitational insecurity/aversion to movement

Selective attention/filtering of sensory input

Low registration/ dampened response to touch, body awareness.