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Toileting is a scary area for many children and their carers. Whether living with a disability, health issues, developmental delay or just having a bit of a problem, many of us don’t often know what is normal, what their kids will just grow out of, or whether there is anything that can be done to help.

Each of our therapists is experienced in dealing with many toileting triumphs and problems.

Some Toileting Areas

  • Toileting from Birth
  • Stages of Development
  • Other Skills Needed for Toileting Independence
  • The Influence of Emotions
  • Preparation for Toilet Training
  • Toilet Training Methods
  • Monitoring Progress with Toilet Training
  • Moving Towards Independence
  • Toileting in Unfamiliar Settings
  • Managing Difficulties
  • Bed-wetting and Soiling (Enuresis and Encopresis)
  • Toileting resources & references

Our Occupational Therapist’s Toileting Triumph with Tom

Johanna deKort, our senior Occupational Therapist was one of the Developers of ”Are You Ready” and “Tom’s Toilet Triumphs” Published by IDSC SA (Intellectual Disability Services Council of SA) and Minda Inc. won 1st Prize Cannes Film Festival in Science and Education Genre

Best selling resource in Services SA

One of the editors of the 2nd revised edition