Location and Parking

7. Location and Parking

Adelaide Night and Day Family Therapy is located at 5 Brighton Road, Glenelg, SA, 5045. Parking is at the rear, enter via Scott Street.

Please Note This is also the location of:

  • Adelaide Night and Day Occupational Therapy (Occupational Therapists – Mental Health OT’s, Building Modifications, Equipment, Sensory, ADL’s )
  • Williams deKort Consulting Pty Ltd (Business Counsellors)
  • Adelaide Paediatrics Glenelg (Occupational Therapy Only)
  • Attuned Psychology (Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Mental Health Social Workers)

There is no parking along Brighton Road.

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Front view- Brighton Rd: 5 Brighton Rd, Glenelg 


Rear view-Car park entrance via Scott Street 


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