A palmar supinate grasp that is often referred to as a “fisted grasp” usually develops around 1 to 1½ years.

1-1 1/2 years Cylindrical Grasp

1-1 1/2 years Cylindrical Grasp

The child typically holds the texta, crayon or pencil in a fist with their thumb on top of their fingers, and their arms and hand move as a whole.  At first they may make light marks that might be brief or even seem accidental.  With practice your child will learn that when I move my crayon in a certain way, I can see my marks.

How to Help Develop Skills

You can give your child a large sheet of paper and a crayon or invite them to watch and imitate your own scribble, as you describe yours or their scribble att

empts e.g. “round and round and round”, “dot, dot, dot , dot, dot”