This is a common question we hear all over the net and certainly by our clients as we use the video and package extensively with them.

Our Principal Occupational Therapist Johanna de Kort was the OT on the team that developed Tom’s Toilet Triumph and the “Are you ready?” toileting package. Although the package and DVD was written for children living with disability, it a great pack to use with any kid that is going through potty training.

Its also good to assist parents who are feeling a little overwhelmed by the idea of Toilet Training, or if you think your child is delayed or having difficulty.

If you are having a difficulty, think of contacting an Occupational Therapist on 08 8351 6664 and make an appointment to see what can be done to assist.

The short answer is that you can buy it from Service SA which is the South Australia Government’s one stop shop for selling their products. Lots of libraries and disability services have copies that can be borrowed by parents and carers, schools or people who think they are having difficulties with the toileting or potty training process.

Tom’s Toilet Triumph can be found by clicking this link to service SA. Please let us know if this link is broken as there are changes afoot in the South Australian Government Disability Sector. link retrieved on 10/05/2017

Taken from Tom’s Toilet Triumphs” Published originally by Disability SA and Minda Inc.

This DVD includes the award willing animation ‘Tom’s Toilet Triumph’. One of the features of the CD is the different toileting sequences that also are shown in the animation

  • potty training for a girl
  • potty training for a boy ‘standing for a wee’
  • potty training for a boy ‘sitting for a wee’

The animations assist children to understand not only the whole toileting process including toilet hygiene, but also the sensory process of knowing ‘when to go’ and both the bladder and bowel senses and motions.

“Tom’s Toilet Triumphs” Published by Disability SA and Minda Inc. won 1st Prize Cannes Film Festival in Science and Education Genre.

There are other resources that you might be looking for such as the excellent resource “Toilet Time” which can also be currently found at the same link. 10/5/2017. It too uses the Tom’s Toilet Triumph video as well as other resources for toileting.