There are three simple phrases that can profoundly deepen your relationships with your children and/or partner, and they were shared recently on The Adelaide Show Podcast by Adelaide Night And Day Family Therapy principal, Brett Williams.

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In the segment, Brett explained how the “background tape” playing in our minds contains many of the off-the-cuff “negative” comments and put downs that seem to roll off the tongues of family members easily, and often without intentional malice.

However, within all of us, there is a yearning to be loved and to “belong” and that is what the daily ritual of saying these three simple phrases aims to achieve.

The three simple phrases

The three simple phrases are:

  • (name), I love you
  • you are worthwhile
  • you are the (partner, husband, wife, daughter, son, child) I always wanted

In the audio segment embedded below, Brett will give more background to how these three simple phrases work in our minds and our relationships, as does podcast presenter, Steve Davis, who tells of the impact they’ve had in the relationship with his young daughters.

Simple, helpful insights like these are part of the “family therapy” or “systems therapy” approach taken at Adelaide Night And Day Family Therapy.

If you are interested in sitting with one of our therapists by yourself or with other family members, please contact us on  08 83516664so we can discuss how our approach of looking at your situation in the “context” of work or family life, can lead to new strategies for finding a new way of being.