Core Strength: How Can I Use Activities To Help Develop My Child’s Trunk Muscles

DDeveloping Child's Core Muscle Strengthid you ever wonder what a “trunk” is?  Well you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking of the big long like nose of an elephant, but did you know humans have trunks too?  The human trunk is the middle part of the body, sometimes called the torso, it is the part of the body without arms and legs.    In this part of our body we have core muscles.  These core muscles are in and around our stomach and lower back.  They run along our trunk!  Core muscles are so important for supporting our spine, pelvis and shoulders to give us a strong and solid base of support allowing our arms and legs to move independently with strength and power.  Not only do they protect our organs but they also help us with balance, posture and stability.

Believe it or not strong core muscles will help your child with doing every day activities such as with hand writing and sitting at a desk when they go to school and to hop, skip and ride a bike.

Looking for some ideas on developing your child’s core muscles? Here are some activities to help (you may already be doing them without realising just useful they were).

  • Ask your child to help out around the house such as by carrying a bag of groceries (not too heavy), or rolling thick biscuit dough when you are cooking
  • Crawling on the floor, through tunnels and obstacle courses.
  • Push a small load in a child’s wheel barrow.
  • Mould with clay or play dough.
  • Ball activities such as hitting a ball suspended in a stocking with a large bat.  Start with a larger light ball and progress to a smaller one or aiming a basketball at a target on a wall or into a child basketball ring.


If you would like some help assessing your child’s needs and the activities that would help their specific needs, please do it hesitate to call Adelaide Night and Day Occupational Therapy on (08) 8351 6664