Child On swing - hand strength, posture, balanceFun in the yard helps hand skills.  Climbing, crawling, swinging are a fun ways to work out little arms.  Lifting, pushing and pulling helps strengthen their little tummies, arms and hands!

When you provide your child with the opportunity to climb up ladders, on rocks, or trees or crawl through tunnels, into tents and other cosy spaces or swing on the swing or monkey bars it makes their little tummies and arms work hard, get stronger and more coordinated.

Believe it or not these gross motor skills are the same ones that pave the way to help little people keep their balance and position when standing and sitting when painting, drawing and writing in the class room.  Play in the yard helps little people keep steady when standing and painting or sitting and doing craft.

Looking for some ideas for when the weather is too wet and cool to get outside.

You can create an obstacle course inside.

  • Lifting blankets, pillows, cushions into a course
  • Climb over cushions,
  • Crawl under the table,
  • Hold hands while bounce up and down on a cushion