What is Sensory Processing?

Sensory Processing - Its all about our senses and how they work Sensory processing can be described as the way the brain receives, interprets, organises and responds to sensory input. When refereeing to the senses, many people would likely think of 5 senses; touch,...

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How Can I Develop My Child’s Core Muscle Strength?

Core Strength: How Can I Use Activities To Help Develop My Child’s Trunk Muscles Did you ever wonder what a “trunk” is?  Well you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking of the big long like nose of an elephant, but did you know humans have trunks too?  The human trunk is the...

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How Does a 5 Year Old Grasp a Pencil?

Many 5-year-old reception children tend to have a well-established preferred or dominant hand they use to draw and write with.  Their elbow is tucked in closer to their body as they use what is technically referred to as a “Dynamic Tripod Grasp” to hold the pencil in...

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How Does a 4 Year Old Grasp a Pencil?

Many 4 year old pre-schoolers tend to have a preferred or dominant hand they use to draw with. You will notice a more mature grasp beginning to emerge (thumb with one or two fingers) as they use their helping hand in a more deliberate way to hold the paper steady)....

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